29/52 almost 7 and 42 | Miami Fl, Birth Photographer |

"A portrait of my youngest children, once a week, every week, in 2016."

Swimming in the waters. Sometimes moving, others extremely calm. The best thing is to flow, someone told me once. "If you insist to grab a branch in the river you are going to hurt your self,  just let your self go". She was right I still insist sometimes on holding my self onto anything... 
I will be soon 42 a very special age, another 7 cycle in life about to happen and Im already feeling it! also Lien here under the water is turning 7 in a few months, every seven years you are brand new person all over again, she will have to master a new body and I will keep peeling all the many layers I have been collecting
 throughout life and why not, letting go little more.
And Robyn, well she flows pretty good as you can see.


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